I will guide you, gain insight about “you”.

Unravel the mystery of life and attain not only what you want, but what you truly deserve! Carve a life of dreams and make it a reality with strategic excellence.

✔ Are you a teenager, parent, young adult, homemaker, professional, Executive, student, or a CEO?
✔ Are you overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out?
✔ Do you feel not good enough?
✔ Are you stuck in guilt, fear, sadness, anger, or hurt?
✔ Are you experiencing burn out?
✔ Are you seeking a solution for complex emotional issues like PTSD, emotional/childhood trauma, eating disorder, body image, and weight issues?
✔ Would you like to get rid of chronic pain?
✔ Are you seeking alignment of life and values?
✔ Would you like growth, development, and high performance in work, studies, and business?

Are you ready for your evolution into your True Self?

I will guide you on your journey within to rewire and rewrite the story of your life.

Do you have a constant feeling of something amiss or something not right, but you are unable to decipher it?

Are you stuck in a viscous cycle of self-defeating habits and no matter how hard you try; you are unable to break the cycle? Struggling with pain and anxiety or beliefs about yourself that are causing you anger, fear, and sadness? Do you suffer from hurtful memories that just would not go away and you relive pain every single day? Dr. Shazia Shah’s coaching and therapy are the answer.

When we go through some stressful situation, it can cause a ripple effect in our relationships, finances, profession, and health. Unresolved issues from the past keep cropping up in our personal and professional life, giving rise to a myriad of negative outcomes. For us to move on to a higher level of self, it is crucial to resolve these issues first. When we haven’t figured them out it is because it is something deeper at our unconscious level. Dr. Shah’s programs are designed to diagnose the root cause of the problem and to loosen and release negative thoughts and emotions around trauma and agonizing events, rectify flawed strategies, eradicate self-limiting beliefs, and decisions and to substitute them with strategic excellence and success mindset at an unconscious level. She will help you locate your Blind spots in your personal and professional relationships as the two are intertwined and can not be separated. You will gain clarity, develop strategies and skills for success mindset, learn techniques for excellence, set future goals, align them with your values, and bring them to completion. You will take the steering wheel of your thoughts and emotions, develop your own plan for your life and business success, while gaining insight about what you truly want in your personal and professional life.

Get the extraordinary transformation you deserve! Dr. Shazia Shah’s personalized Business and Life Strategies are the answer to a thriving business and life.

What limits and halts you, can propel you. Discover what limits you, to understand the blueprint for your success.

What is special about Dr. Shazia Shah?

Dr. Shah’s medical and psychology background, advance communication skills, Hypnotherapy training, research experience, and breakthrough sessions with diverse clientele has made her an authority in emotional fitness and mental wellbeing. She deals with simple and complex emotional and mental health issues. Her area of expertise is “Teen emotional Fitness and Coaching”. She uses a customized approach along with cutting edge tools and techniques of neuroscience, linguistics, psychology, and hypnosis. These along with her ability to form rapport at a deeper level with her patients and clients enable her to bring the alignment, awareness, balance, and connectedness with your true self.

Her Coaching will help you identify your blind spots, understand the root cause of your emotions and problems, and will teach you the tools to fine tune your thinking strategies. Become the True Version of you! Enjoy a life of purpose, peace, clarity, and abundance with your new skills.

What will you achieve with Dr. Shazia?

• With Dr. Shazia you will achieve the following:
• You will uncover the origins of your deeper issues and solve them with achievable actions.
• You will gain alignment in all areas of your life.
• You will gain connection with your Unconscious mind or gut feeling.
• You will bring logic to your feelings.
• You will gain clarity, momentum, and purpose for optimum results.
• You will achieve your life goals through success strategies.
• You will lead with excellence.

Customized program, catered to your needs.

Dr. Shazia believes in providing individualized programs to her clientele. She believes every person, every family, and every situation is unique and requires a personalized solution to their everyday issues. She brings experience, scientific evidence-based tools, and latest Neuro Linguistic and Neuroplasticity strategies to the table for your success. She combines psychology, modern hypnosis, and her medical knowledge about disease and prevention, with a spiritual perspective to create a unique combination which is well aligned for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and harmony of self and others.

Personal Life

Shazia guides you to understand “you” and to evolve into the best and truest version of yourself in alignment with your true nature, so you can achieve your true potential. With her life coaching techniques, you will be able to rectify imbalances that crop up from time to time and be able to thrive in all your relationships starting from self and then with others. You will get a boost of positivity, self-confidence, self-esteem, feel self-efficacious, feel in control of your life, and feel happier in your relations.

Professional Life

Dr. Shazia’s coaching and training will provide you with insights regarding what is missing or needs to be changed in your professional life for a thriving career. Together you will be able to figure out your passion, your purpose, and your values and then align them to get optimal performance, efficiency, and productivity for abundance, creativity, and maximum results in terms of ROI.

One on one or Group Coaching

Dr. Shazia gives you the flexibility to choose from one on one or group coaching. There are benefits in both types of coaching programs. Group coaching provides learnings just by being in a group with similar people and you gain insights when someone shares their struggles in the group and is coached. One on one coaching provides methods, support, and individual accountability catered to your own needs. Both types of coaching are transformational.

Online Sessions

You will be coached at the highest level of excellence from the comfort and privacy of your home as Dr. Shazia offers online sessions to her clientele globally for their convenience and ease.

Feeling off-balance?

No worries, I have felt that too. Discover the secret recipe for success.

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Dr. Shazia provided an amazing experience by helping my child succeed by providing the best effective care for her client’s overall wellbeing. She is very caring for her clients and their parents and wants to see them grow through guidance and by implementing her strategies.


Alhamdulillah, your counseling helped my daughter overcome her anxiety. Her anxiety level went down from 10 to 1 in just one breakthrough session, mashaAllah. Jazak Allah Khair for your help and advice.


She is very consistent in her work and in helping her clients with improving themselves along with assisting them by going above and beyond expectations. You will get immense value from her coaching sessions. She helped us gain insight and find balance in our relationships as a family at multiple levels.


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