In life we all want to achieve our true potential and we want the same for our children too. But our Internal Blocks can become barriers to our own Success. We will help you Gain Insight into “you”, Get Rid of your Limiting Beliefs and Negative Emotions, and help you Tap into your “True Potential”. Join Us for a “Rapid and Lasting Transformation into “Your Best Version” for success and fulfillment in all areas of your life. So, are you ready to evolve to your next level?

Shazia Shah M.D.
(Founder & CEO)

What We Offer

Why Choose Us


Lasting Cure

Uncover the origins of your deeper issues, let go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs, and heal from within.



Get insight into you and others, learn the art of effective communication for thriving relationships.


Gain Alignment

Find out your beliefs, values, and attitudes. Learn what works for you and what does not. Achieve alignment in all areas of life for true fulfillment.


Achieve Your Dreams

Embark on the journey of your dreams. Get clarity on your life purpose and goals. Plan and commit to achieving them with accountability.

Join Our Upcoming Classes!

NLP Cohort for Parents

Get excellence in performance, improve communication, sustain motivation, fulfill higher purpose.

Physician Burnout Cohort

End burnout & overwhelm. Rejuvenate self. Redefine purpose. Revive joy in your life & profession.

State of the Art Hypnotherapy Sessions

Eliminate Addictions (video gaming/sex/drugs etc.) at an unconscious level with hypnotherapy.

Teen Girls Group on “Coming of Age”

Gain self-esteem, Muslim identity, hygiene & prayer ruling, Public Speaking, & emotion processing.

Teen Boys Transformational Group Sessions

Gain self-esteem, Muslim identity, hygiene & prayer ruling, Public Speaking, & emotion processing.

Cardio/Aerobics & Strength Training for Ladies

Toning, Warmups, Cool Down, Pilates, Light Kickboxing, and Cardio/Aerobic Workouts.

Effortless Weight Loss Program

Eliminate inner conflicts/limiting beliefs & install healthy eating at an unconscious level.

What Our Clients are Saying….


“They are very consistent in their work and in helping their clients with improving themselves along with assisting them by going above and beyond expectations. You will get immense value from their coaching sessions. They helped us gain insight and find balance in our relationship as a family at multiple levels.”

Male South Asian | Father

Personal Counseling


“We had an amazing experience. They helped my child succeed by providing the most effective care for her overall wellbeing. They are very caring for their clients. My daughter was able to overcome her anxiety with their guidance and coaching sessions.”

Female Asian | Mother

Anxiety Disorder


“Our daughter was suicidal, had panic attacks, social anxiety, hallucinations, and emotional eating disorder. Their sessions cured her emotional eating disorder, panic attacks, decreased her social anxiety, and brought her out of suicidal thinking. We are very thankful that we found them.”

Female Asian | Mother

Depression | Eating Disorder | Panic Attacks

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