Common Myths and Misconceptions About Adolescence

A “Common thought” or stereotype # 1: Adolescence is a time of “storm and stress”.

 G. Stanley Hall, the American psychologist, coined the term “storm and stress” in his book, Adolescence. He used this term for adolescence because he viewed it to be a time of decreased level of self-control (Storm) and increased level of sensitivity (stress). 

More recent research has shown that this is not necessarily true, as most adolescents manage to transition successfully from childhood to adulthood. And that successful transition to adulthood depends on culture and context. It can be defined not only as preventing problems but also the acquisition of functioning in certain areas of life like competence, relationships, autonomy etc. It includes positive psychological self-perceptions and social and personal skill building. A lot depends on the parenting style, socioeconomic conditions, type of friends the teenagers hang out with, as well as the availability and approach of professional coaches, educators and social workers if needed to allow better communication and understanding between parents and youth. Good parenting consists of offering comfort and support, setting clear limits and expectations for appropriate behavior, reasonable consequences on failure of meeting parental expectations, along with provision of all necessities of life.

Can you think of another stereotype about adolescence? Stay tuned for the next stereotype about adolescence.

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