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Ready to Rewire your life?

Dive in and create amazing transformation in your life!




Rewire & Revitalize your body

Visualize and regard your body as a sacred “Amanah” or “Trust” that has been given to you by your Creator, or the Higher Spirit, or God or Nature (as you may like to call the Creator). You are the guardian and caretaker of this sacred “Home” for your soul. Begin to build a lasting relationship with your body by first getting rid of your inner limiting beliefs and decisions to harness a beautiful and active body. Develop understanding of what is harmful for your body and what benefits it, then formulate a healthy diet plan, healthy routines, and rituals with me that are customized to your physical strength, needs, and ability, time availability, and gym and exercise tools accessibility. Follow it up with accountability and hypnotherapy sessions with me to lock in your new identity as a physically fit individual.


Unlearn & Rewire your mind Anew

Success is all about mindset. when you change your mindset, you change your finances, relationships, health, and wealth. It takes mental fitness to pause, reflect, and respond as you would like in the moment, and not react angrily in the heat of the moment, when faced with an inadvertent or angry statement. Our reactions are based on well-travelled neural pathways. It takes some unlearning of the reactionary pathways and some rewiring to form new neural pathways for appropriate responsiveness to take place and to develop hindsight in the present moment. You will get the mindset shift needed to succeed in your personal and professional life. Overcome your projections, insecurities, fear, phobias, inconfidence and all other internal blocks with my coaching sessions to become the “True You” you are destined to be.


Unplug and Rewire your feelings

I have seen that most successful people are those who are emotionally intelligent, who are able to respond calmly at the time of crisis and decision making. Emotional wellbeing is crucial for our success and freedom. It sets us free from over-analysis and anxiety. It breaks down the walls we build inside our mind over time and liberates us from our past pain, while allowing us to respond in place of reacting in the moment. My techniques will allow you to get rid of your emotional baggage; all of your past pain and feelings of inadequacy, and shortcomings, and to accept changes in life smoothly, adapting with new strategies, wisdom, and optimism, and not fatalism.


Connect with your soul

Our spirit is the invisible radar in us which needs to be tapped into for our true path to be revealed. Our spirit guides, and our mind assists in life. And by spirituality I do not mean belief in a specific teaching or practice. By spirituality I mean the practice of understanding our spirit. Spirituality is about knowing whether you are on the right track or not; it is about your higher purpose in life which is beyond you. So, tap into your spirituality with me to unleash your true potential.


Rewire for abundance

Redefine your relationship with Money. Take control of your finances instead of your finances taking control of you. Become comfortable with receiving money for gaining empowerment in this area. Develop the mindset shift to receive money without feeling guilty about it. Start living a life of abundance, so you can allot time for leisure activities and fun family trips, for exciting memories to build upon. Enjoy a life of financial freedom with my money mindset shift.


Realign your space

What is in the physical space around you is also important just like what goes into the space inside your mind, because it impacts clarity of your mind. Your space needs to send positive signals to your brain to allow for positivity, creativity, and calmness. Physical clutter on the other hand, blocks this process. Regardless of the size of your space, keeping it well organized and having meaningful motivating items in it, will remind you of your identity, your values, and your goals and keep you on track for success.

Knowing ourselves is the first step to wisdom. Know yourself to understand what is blocking you. Once you unearth that you can learn how you can succeed.
-Dr. Shazia Shah-

How it works.

Do you feel stuck? Emotionally unavailable?
Are you successful in your career but lack intimacy in your relationships?
Are you happily married but find you cannot achieve success at the office?
Shazia can realign how you operate in key areas of your life.

Sometimes we plateau. We reach a point in our professional, personal or family life that we cannot cross. This causes stress and blocks us from moving forward. That’s where Shazia can help.

Delve into the knowledge and experience that Shazia delivers with easy application and approachable philosophies, through an accumulation of many years in the field of coaching and leadership.

Breaking through anxiety, procrastination, anger, fear, health, career, family or relationships at an unconscious level will consciously influence your life. Our subconscious is influential in how we show up in the world and sometimes events occur that cause us deep subconscious pain. Breakthrough work is a powerful, safe way to access this pain and release it in a healthy way to break harmful patterns.

A breakthrough session with Shazia will leave you with clarity, assurance, and direction for next steps in your self-development journey. Breakthrough work is for clients who want to dive deeply into themselves to experience real, lasting change. Navigate the process on your own schedule, through a 12 week personalized program.

What’s included:

Module 1: Rewire your Brain
Module 2: Rewire your Pathways
Module 3: Rewire your Emotions
Module 4: Rewire your Money Beliefs
Module 5: Rewire your Career
Module 6: Rewire your Relationships
Module 7: Rewire your Family Dynamics
Module 8: Rewire your Health
Module 9: Rewire your Emotional Genetics

Are you ready for your transformation?

By the end you will:

• you’ll become clear on how your limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours play in your life and how you can fix them
• you’ll gain freedom from negative emotions that are impacting your daily life
• you’ll learn how to control your mind, stop it from controlling you and learn strategies to go from goal setting to goal getting.
• you’ll be able to accomplish more and do it in less time
• you’ll be able to stay mentally sharp, focused and more energized in your daily activities
• you’ll increase your overall productivity
• you’ll experience enhanced personal and professional relationships
• and you’ll enjoy a more balanced and aligned life!