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Leadership Development

Success Mindset


I offer different leadership programs to youth, organizations, and individuals.

Overcoming Procrastination
My strategies and techniques assist in the mindset shift from procrastination to being proactive and on time and assist in developing time management skills.
Life Skills Development
Are catered around development of creative thinking, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, assertiveness, self-control, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empathy, communication, connection, and resilience. 
Art of Excellent Communication
I specialize in and teach excellent communication skills which is the key success element in any relationship; business or personal.
Values Alignment:
Another key feature for success is values alignment in business and personal life. This is another key area where I will assist you in becoming aligned for a balanced and thriving business and life.
Conflict Resolution and Negotiation:
You will learn unbeatable strategies to help you in this arena. Whether you want to close a deal or sign a new contract or have a personal issue to settle you will be able to use them for a win-win situation.

Life Coaching for Adults

Transformational Mindset

Life Coaching

I assist all ages to remove their internal blocks so they can move forward and thrive as their true self. It consists of understanding and removing the root cause of your issues and learning to let go of these emotions and beliefs for fulfillment in both personal and professional life. After just a few sessions you will sense the mindset shift needed for success and with continued sessions you will have accountability and strategies needed for continued progress. You will discover your true self, true purpose and passion in life, and achieve clarity of mind, easy decision making, time management skill, future goal setting and strategic implementation. You will also achieve mind, body, and soul alignment and healing, self-esteem, self-efficacy, boundary setting and balanced happy relationships with mindful living.

Couples Coaching

Transformational Compassionate Mindset

Couples Coaching

I design my coaching for couples according to their specific needs. It is designed to encourage empathy, compassion, forgiveness, personal transformation, gender role conflict resolution, defining teamwork, excellent communication skills development, rekindling of love, passion, and intimacy, problem solving strategies, combined decision making strategies skill development, defining personal boundaries and learning how to maintain them, creating balanced relationships, future goal settings for the couple and its implementation. A very important aspect of couple coaching is to be able to move beyond past trauma and forgive each other. I specialize in assisting my clients in letting go of their past trauma and moving forward with hope and resilience.