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Teens-Parent Coaching

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Teens-Parent Coaching

My Teen coaching is for all youth  ages from 14 to 19 years, to support them in achieving their true potential and in maintaining their continued growth into their true version which they are destined to be in this world. It helps them to achieve excellence in their endeavors by providing them with strategies to take initiative in their academics, relationships, and their health. It allows them to understand and identify areas of their interest in which they want to grow both academically and in other spheres of life, and to develop new hobbies and life skills. It enables them to learn how to build self-esteem and self-efficacy, to improve communication skills for better relationships with parents, siblings, peers, teachers, and community. My Teen coaching includes coaching of parents too.

Parent Coaching will help you understand your unique style of parenting, your teenager, and what you want in your relationship with your teenager. It involves carving out customized steps, tools, and strategies that work individually for you and your child to maximize the desired results. Parent coaching is an essential part of my strategy that brings everyone to the same page on the Teen-Parenting-Coaching Journey.

Aiding in developing self esteem of teens
Your teenager may be struggling with self-esteem due to various reasons. I assist in diagnosing the root cause of the problem and eliminating it for a confident, self efficacious identity of your teenager.
Bridging communication gap between the parent and child
Teenage can be a time of increasing miscommunication between parents and teenagers. I assist my clients gain insight about themselves and their relationships, apply conflict resolution and communication skill building for great results.
Increased Self-efficacy
 Your teenager will become competent in various areas of their life and will thrive after my coaching.
Overcoming negative emotions, physical, emotional, sexual, or childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other emotional issues
When Adolescence arrives it brings with it a surge of emotional/psychological and body changes that at times start producing the gap between the teenager and parents. Oftentimes parents blame themselves for their children’s setbacks and failures. I assist parents in getting rid of the guilt and sadness of not good enough parenting. I specialize in getting rid of the emotional baggage and bringing alignment in life.